How to Hire Better: Recruiting the Right Talent

How to Hire Better: Recruiting the Right Talent

Are you ready to find A-players for your team? HireBetter Managing Director Amy Ancira joins Kurt Wilkin, our Co-Founder, for the third episode in our five-part mini series to share her expertise on recruiting the right talent for your business. In this video, she identifies who the perfect candidate is and what characteristics they possess.



The talent you had with you as a startup won’t be the same people you need for those roles when your company scales to multi-million dollar corporations. Like your company, they will evolve too and will fill different roles over time. And you will need talent to grow and scale — a lot of it. Like most things, the focus should be on the quality of talent and not on the quantity.

To illustrate the two kinds of candidates out there, Amy uses the Bell curve which shows the active and passive candidates. But which among the two do you need to reach your business goals? Are active candidates the best candidates? These questions and more will be answered in this episode.

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