How to Hire Better: Setting the Foundation

How to Hire Better: Setting the Foundation

Amy is back for Part 2 of our miniseries, How to Hire Better. While Part 1 addressed the importance of aligning your business and talent strategies, this episode is all about setting the foundation for hiring success.



Our in-house talent whisperer Amy Ancira spills the secrets to make your company a great place to work. She asks, “What are the things we hear about but don’t pay good attention to?” Of course she’s talking about your company’s mission and core values.

Amy says that most folks want to have a deeper purpose and meaning in what they do. It’s not about the money alone, but it’s the alignment of the team members’ individual principles and company’s core values.

Amy says that in a study done during the 2nd quarter of this year, 11M people resigned. These 11M were not driven by another job offer, but they deliberately walked away from the work environments they were in. This brings us to the conclusion that people are looking for meaning and they gravitate to employers that care about a higher purpose than just profit.

It is more important than ever to utilize your core values as an organization in the recruitment process. Join us for more episodes in this series by subscribing to our YouTube Channel.


Key takeaways

  1. Mission, vision, and values are critical to hiring
  2. Hire based on core values
  3. Have a story to tell and a mission people can get behind


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