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HireBetter’s Talent-as-a-Service provides a highly effective solution for AI talent acquisition.

Gain a Competitive Edge in Shaping the Future of Technology

Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) elevates your talent strategy and delivers the talent that fuels innovation.

Speed of innovation and product development is a key success factor and you need the talent to support that. HireBetter’s TaaS supports you in building out your teams quickly with low ramp time.

When projects move from development to deployment at an unpredictable pace, you need a talent partner who can keep up with you. TaaS allows you to scale up or down based on project demands, providing the flexibility to adapt to timelines and budgets.

Your designated team is skilled in identifying candidates with highly specialized skills, delivering pre-vetted talent with the precise expertise needed.

Flexible Talent Support
to Fit Your Needs

Our Team...


Is experienced in finding special skill sets including assessing the soft skills needed


Has expertise with sourcing, recruiting, and engagement in the technology industry


Has familiarity with specialized tech stacks and data expertise


Understands developers and the programming languages needed to build AI products

Typical positions we recruit for:

  • Software Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Sales
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Team Lead
  • Machine Learning Engineers

Talent-as-a-Service Brings High Quality Talent Support with Flexible Scope & Budget

From top of the funnel awareness to offer letters and anything in between, HireBetter is here to be your team, fill the gaps, or add bandwidth.

Top of the funnel
Full-scale support

AI Case Studies

We’ve supported other companies in the AI industry and we can’t wait to support you and your hiring needs.

Securities Product Development

Specialized Talent: Securities Product Development

A blockchain technology and financial products company faced several challenges, including the need for highly specialized skills…

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Get Fast, Flexible AI Recruiting Support with Talent-as-a-Service

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