Case Study

Specialized Talent: Securities Product Development

Building a Tokenized Securities Product Development Team


Core Team Secured

Multiple key cores and specialized hires

Saving on Fees

Cost savings of $150k+ in placement fees

Efficient Process

Critical recruiting support enabled on-time project launch in a fast-moving market

The Challenge

A blockchain technology and financial products company faced several challenges, including the need for highly specialized skills in blockchain software engineering (traditional and crypto trading), the urgency of rapid recruitment, and the absence of a dedicated recruiting team.

Additionally, the need to establish a compelling employer brand and coordinate a seamless interview process posed significant hurdles.

HireBetter was able to secure the specialized talent to fill positions that directly contributed to the company’s goals.



To address these challenges, we deployed a multifaceted approach. We began by leveraging our network, online platforms, and scouting passive candidates with the precise skill sets required for the company. Additionally, we facilitated initial candidate qualification, ensuring that only the most suitable individuals were considered for the following roles:
• Full Stack Engineer
• DevOps
• Project Manager
• Rust Programming Engineer


Our approach also included collaboration with the company to craft a compelling employer brand that emphasized the company’s core values and mission in a way that truly reflects their high-tech and future-minded nature. Plus, we streamlined job descriptions, making them more attractive to potential candidates while simultaneously coordinating the full-cycle interview process.

Overall Results

More importantly, HireBetter was able to quickly identify and secure the highly specialized talent the company needed to reach their product development and launch targets. This was a crucial partnership for the company because blockchain technologists are in high demand and high-quality developers can be extremely difficult to find and hire.

The company also experienced substantial cost savings. Typically, placement fees would have amounted to nearly $180k for multiple hires with specialized expertise. However, through the partnership with HireBetter, the company was able to realize a savings of more than $150k in placement fees.

Finally, HireBetter’s efficient recruitment strategy ensured that the company had the right team in place to hit their launch date. This is critical for blockchain companies since delays to market can lead to significant losses in revenue due to the fast-moving nature of blockchain tech.