How to Hire Better: Aligning Your Business & Talent Strategies

How to Hire Better: Aligning Your Business & Talent Strategies

“The essence of strategy is to align your ends with your means: to match your goals and your resources” – Walter Russell


It’s no secret that hiring is the #1 challenge for CEOs today. That’s why we’re excited to kick off our new five-part mini series, How to Hire Better!



In Part 1, Aligning Your Business & Talent Strategies, host Kurt Wilkin and HireBetter Managing Director Amy Ancira discuss the importance of a strategic foundation for hiring that makes sense for your business goals.

Amy says that talent is the differentiator for high growth companies. Aligning your talent strategy with your business strategy is the first step towards growing your business. She simply puts it as getting your ends and your means to talk. The vital measure to your success is that your goals and the talent in your arsenal matches.

Amy also says that doing the legwork is necessary to achieve your goal. HireBetter offers Strategic Talent Planning™ to address the gaps entrepreneurs have in their current teams and helps identify future talent needs to reach company goals. It also solves one of the biggest issues in hiring, reactivity, through a better understanding of your short and long-term term goals. Setting the foundation takes time, so don’t rush the process.


Entrepreneurs must answer two questions:

What does my company look like today and what does it look like in the next 18 months?

Is it aligned with my business strategy?


Most entrepreneurial companies are reactive when it comes to hiring. Don’t wait until your hair is on fire to start planning – by then it’s already too late! With a strategic talent plan, the key leaders in the business are able to take a step back and have a deeper appreciation of the facts, the issues, and the solutions. Hire better by knowing your short and long-term needs now (and plan for them).

Hire Better by taking a long-term look at your business goals, plan for future needs, and align your talent strategy. Aligning your business and talent strategies is only one of five key components in hiring better – subscribe to our YouTube Channel as we continue this five-part series in the coming weeks.


Key takeaways

  1. Assess future talent needs based on short & long term business goals
  2. Strategic Talent Planning
  3. Assess current team for gaps


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