Strategic Talent Planning™ with HireBetter is the key to breaking your business growth plateau

Break Through the Business Growth Plateau with Strategic Talent Planning™

HireBetter was built on the concept that attracting and retaining game-changing talent is the single best way to take your business to the proverbial “next level”. It’s no secret that the best companies and the best sports teams usually have the best talent. But it’s not just about having talented people. To steal a line from Gino Wickman and the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, it’s also about having “the right people in the right seats”.

You can’t just go out and recruit, attract, and hire great people to build your company. It takes a strategic approach. You have to know what you’re building, how you’re going to get there, and what capabilities your existing team has before you can start building your next-level team.

We believe that it’s impossible to scale a company when your team is flying by the seat of their pants and “figuring it out” as they go. The hard truth that many founder-CEOs learn the hard way is this: the team that got you to $10 million in revenue isn’t the team that will get you to $50 million. And the team that gets you to $50 million probably isn’t the one that will get you to $200 million!

Different stages of growth require different skill sets and, at some point, you’ll probably have to upgrade parts of your team before you can break through to that next stage. So why not do it now and get there faster?

Talent Makes all the Difference

As we enter a new year, most companies have developed or are finalizing their goals for 2021. The most forward-thinking CEOs will also have a roadmap for the next two to five years. But too often we see companies focused only on financial planning, forecasting, product development, and other areas with little to no thought to the people needed to truly make it happen!

Talent planning is every bit as critical to business success as your market strategy or financial plan. And you don’t need just any old talent plan you – you need a Strategic Talent Plan™.

When you partner with HireBetter, you get access to our team of subject-matter experts who have experience in a variety of industries and business functions. As part of our Strategic Talent Planning process, our strategic talent consultants begin by digging in deep to understand your business and your short-term and long-term objectives. We learn about the challenges you face and the key initiatives that will drive your future growth. We perform a functional assessment of your existing team – noting their strengths, weaknesses, and their ability to help you achieve your goals. We then help you identify any existing gaps in skills or experience or gaps we would expect to see based on your growth trajectory.

Our goal is to help you optimize your existing team for today’s initiatives while keeping an eye on the future. This strategic perspective on talent makes a tremendous impact in helping companies move from reactive to proactive organizations.

As part of a Strategic Talent Planning session, we create a highly-customized talent management plan, including a future-state organizational chart and a Talent Roadmap that will guide your hiring process for the next 12 to 18 months, along with next steps and scheduled checkpoints along the way to track your progress.

Get Started on Tomorrow’s Success

Strategic Talent Planning isn’t a one-off meeting that changes your direction for a few months. We specialize in helping entrepreneurial, growth-minded, middle-market companies across the country get the right people in the right seats at the right time.

Our clients and partners see evolutionary – and sometimes revolutionary – results when they take the time to think strategically about talent and invest in next-level talent.

“HireBetter’s strategic approach and partnership have been instrumental to our success. It has been two years since our Strategic Talent Planning™ session, but its impact continues today. Together we developed and executed on a talent plan which substantially improved our operations and profitability, and set us up for our next stage of growth.”

When you partner with HireBetter to develop a Strategic Talent Plan, you’ll see significant improvement in the performance of your business over the long haul. We’ve seen it time and time again, and our clients will tell you first hand: thinking strategically about talent is the key to unlocking next-level growth.



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