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Our team gets it. We have functional depth in nearly every industry we serve. That, combined with our recruiting experience, means we guide you every step of the way.

Our Story

At HireBetter, we impact lives by connecting and empowering good people to build great companies. We know your world because we’ve lived it – we’ve been in your shoes. HireBetter was built by seasoned entrepreneurs who have grown and exited successful businesses. Because we know the types of challenges you’re facing, our team has a deep understanding of how to help our entrepreneurial clients grow and scale.

Through the years, the importance of talent to growth-minded businesses has repeatedly been proven time again. We’ve seen talent as the differentiator for most successful companies. But if talent is so critical to an entrepreneur’s success, why is it served by an industry that many – including HireBetter – believe is fundamentally flawed? We’re so passionate about solving the misalignment between growth-minded companies and the “traditional” recruiting industry that we’ve written extensively on the topic, including this acclaimed e-book: The Recruiting Industry is Broken.


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Our Culture & Values

At HireBetter, we impact lives by connecting and empowering good people to build great companies.

Our culture makes us who we are – makes us unique. Positive culture attracts talent, drives engagement, impacts satisfaction, and affects performance. Our core values enable us to empower our candidates and clients to reach new heights.

But it’s not just about us. We only succeed when our stakeholders do, and we take this seriously. Through the nature of our industry and our decades of expertise, we’re in a unique position to truly impact the lives of others in a positive way – and we feel a strong responsibility to do so. We create value for the HireBetter community because we know that strong and engaged stakeholders lead to a healthy, sustainable, and resilient business. We recognize that, without employees, clients, candidates, partners, vendors, families, investors, and supportive communities, there is no business.



Invest in every relationship.


Run toward the storm.


Human to human in everything we do.


Excellence requires courage.


Don’t fear the friction.

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