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Strategic Talent PlanningTM

Align your talent strategy with your business goals

Strategic Talent Planning

Take your company to the next level with a proactive, comprehensive approach to the full talent life cycle.

Talent can make or break your business, and a business strategy is not complete without a comprehensive talent plan to execute it.

How to tell if Strategic Talent Planning is right for your business:

  • Is your company experiencing hyper-growth (> 20% annually)?
  • Are you concerned that the company has outgrown key members of your team?
  • Is your company lacking clarity in organizational structure or in roles and responsibilities?
  • Has your company hit a wall? Is it underperforming after a period of rapid growth?
  • Are key team members carrying a heavy burden and at-risk? Are they overwhelmed or over-titled?

If you answered yes to any of these questions…

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Strategic Talent Planning

Does Your Talent Plan Align With Your Business Plan?

You have a high-growth business plan. But you may not have a talent plan to match it.

When you are growing rapidly, great talent can take your company to the next level — and the wrong people can set you back. You need a proactive approach to identify and attract top talent to your team.

Our powerful Strategic Talent Planning process aligns your talent strategy with your business goals. We challenge you to shift your perspective by asking critical questions about your business, your culture, and your team. We develop a Talent Roadmap to guide your hiring process for the next 12 to 18 months.

Strategic Talent Planning is…

  • A full-day session with key executives, facilitated by members of HireBetter’s senior team.
  • An open forum for candid dialogue about your short and long-term goals and the talent, systems, and capital required to achieve them.
  • A functional assessment of your team’s strengths, weaknesses, and ability to achieve your goals.
  • A strategic approach: providing a future-state org chart with iterative steps to get from here to there.

Includes a comprehensive report with next steps and a Talent Plan with scheduled checkpoints.

"HireBetter’s strategic approach and partnership have been instrumental to our success. It has been two years since our Strategic Talent Planning™ session but its impact continues today. Together we developed and executed on a talent plan which substantially improved our operations and profitability, and set us up for our next stage of growth."

Scott Jensen, Co-Founder and CEO – Rhythm Superfoods

Scott Jensen

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