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Unlocking Moves

Join us as we dive deep into the success stories of entrepreneurs – not just the glory stories…we want to hear their gory stories! And explore the pivotal moments, decision points and key hires that helped them unlock their full potential.

What is the Unlocking Moves Series?

(WARNING: May offend listeners of boring business podcasts.)

Business leaders love to tell their success stories, but the reality is complicated! Stumbles, mistakes, and battle scars catapult professional and personal growth. Successful leaders know exactly the pivotal moves that unlocked their true potential. The Unlocking Moves series features candid conversations with some of the nation’s smartest entrepreneurs, who share their personal stories, warts and all. Veteran entrepreneur, best-selling author and Founder of HireBetter, Kurt Wilkin, dives deep into those stories in his unscripted, irreverent approach that fueled his 30 year career, with a goal of helping you to identify – and ultimately inspiring you to make – your own unlocking moves.

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