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The 5-Step Process Behind Permanent Placement

Are you looking for an effective way to find the perfect candidate to fill a critical professional or C-Suite position in your organization? If so, our Permanent Placement service might be the answer.

Having an understanding of what happens behind the scenes in our Permanent Placement service can help you gain a deeper understanding and shed light on the value we provide. We’ll be outlining the 5-step process behind Permanent Placement and also explain how it can help you find the perfect candidate for your organization.

What is Permanent Placement?

Permanent Placement is our specialized service to help your company find and recruit critical professional and C-Suite positions. This process is often used when companies are looking for a candidate to fill a critical role, or when they have attempted other recruitment methods without success.

What is the Process?


The process begins with an in-depth consultation between the Permanent Placement firm and the hiring company to determine the key requirements of the role, including the necessary experience, skills, and personal attributes of the ideal candidate.


Permanent Placement kicks off with a candidate profile and custom talent acquisition strategy tailored to the hiring company’s needs. The Permanent Placement firm then conducts a thorough search for potential candidates, using a range of methods, including internal networks, industry databases, and advertising campaigns. The Permanent Placement firm may also conduct outreach to passive candidates who are not actively seeking a new job but may be interested in a compelling opportunity.

Source & Select

After identifying a list of potential candidates, the Permanent Placement firm conducts extensive screening and evaluation to identify the best candidates for the role. The firm conducts interviews, assessments, and reference checks to ensure that each candidate has the required experience, skills, and personal attributes for the role. Once the Permanent Placement firm has identified a shortlist of top candidates, the firm presents them to the hiring company for review. The hiring company then conducts interviews and selects a final candidate.


Even after a candidate has been selected, the employment agreement is far from final. There is still much to do including background checks, negotiations, and offer letters. These “closing” steps are crucial for several reasons:

  • Background checks validate candidate information such as their education, work experience, and professional certifications
  • Background checks also ensure legal and ethical compliance by checking for criminal records, previous litigation, and other red flags
  • Organizations are empowered to make better hiring decisions by providing additional information that may not have been readily apparent during initial interviews
  • The hiring company and candidate are able to reach mutually beneficial agreements
  • Professionally written offer letters accurately convey the agreed upon terms, leading to higher acceptance rates

Follow Up

The Permanent Placement firm then ensures smooth integration and employee onboarding by conducting regular check-ins with the hiring manager and new hires for up to a year after successful onboarding. This encourages higher retention rates by providing continual support throughout the transition period.

Final Thoughts

Permanent Placement is a powerful tool for organizations looking to fill key roles with ideal candidates. The 5-step process is designed to ensure that employers have access to the right candidates and are able to make informed hiring decisions while ensuring a high rate of employee retention. If you’re looking for an effective way to find the perfect critical professional or C-Suite position, then Permanent Placement could be exactly what you need.

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