Case Study

Partnering for Success – Mighty Citizen’s Strategic Hiring Journey

Partnering for Success - Mighty Citizen's Strategic Hiring Journey with HireBetter


Plug-and-Play Growth Alignment

  • High quality resource that provided turn-key convenience and a streamlined process.
  • Immediate scale up of the recruiting function alleviated the need for a permanent recruiting team and the associated costs to identify, train, and onboard.
  • Flexibility to adjust scope and scale of engagement based on growth objectives and goals.

Niche Function and Diversity Specialization

  • HireBetter filled highly specialized, key strategic leadership roles in less than 60 days.
  • Team of diversity sourcing experts ensured a deliberate and intentional approach to candidate pipeline development.

The Challenge

Mighty Citizen faced significant challenges in recruiting for specialized positions to serve their clients in higher education, non-profit and government organizations. These positions required a deep understanding of those specific industries and the ability to navigate complex organizational structures while working collaboratively with stakeholders.

The CEO, alongside the Mighty Citizen leadership team, were searching for highly qualified candidates who possessed specialized, niche creative experience. The nuance of these additional requirements added complexity to the recruitment process.

At the same time, the company sought a diverse slate of candidates, narrowing the applicant pool further. HireBetter’s expertise in understanding where and how to engage with a diverse audience was paramount to overall success.

Overcoming these obstacles demanded a strategic and tailored approach to sourcing and attracting top talent, ensuring that the right individuals were placed in key roles to drive positive change and make a lasting impact.


Strategic Hiring Approach
  • Mighty Citizen took a deliberate approach in their search for a talent partner. Five firms were considered, and HireBetter was ultimately chosen based on expertise in sourcing, flexible billing model, and the ability to recruit diverse talent.
  • Acting as a talent subject matter expert and using a consultative approach, HireBetter provided actionable insights. The data collected throughout the search process drove informed decision-making regarding the compensation structure and ideal candidate profile.
  • Utilizing skill assessments and reference reviews that incorporated neutral and inclusive language, ideal cultural fit was achieved.
Cost Savings
  • Total savings of $65K in placement fees across three key hires.
  • Partnership with HireBetter alleviated the necessity to create and sustain a permanent in-house recruiting team.

Overall Results

By partnering with HireBetter and adopting a strategic hiring approach, the nuanced requirements of the roles and market conditions were successfully addressed. The collaboration resulted in substantial cost savings and timely placements while also establishing a partner-oriented relationship.

As a true partner, HireBetter contributed to Mighty Citizen’s growth and success by filling key roles with top-tier talent perfectly suited to their organization, laying the groundwork for long-term partnership.

Working with HireBetter has been a fantastic experience.

We worked with them recently to fill several critical positions. Steve and his team consistently provided us with relevant, high-quality candidates. They kept our team and the candidates informed of the process the entire way and were overall a joy to work with.

As a bonus, their subscription model made it very easy to expand as we added more positions and it was always clear exactly what we were paying for.

Nick Weynand, Founder & CEO
Mighty Citizen