HireBetter Named #1 Retained Executive Search Firm

Kurt Wilkin

When we bought HireBetter back in 2011, we wanted to build HireBetter to become the kind of talent partner I needed when I was scrambling to build my leadership team in my previous entrepreneurial endeavors. Over the past nine years, we’ve done great work with clients, built long-lasting relationships, and developed amazing partnerships that have gotten us closer to that goal every day.

That’s why I am proud but humbled to learn that the Austin Business Journal has named HireBetter the #1 retained Executive Search Firm for the THIRD straight year!

I was later surprised to learn that the Austin Business Journal recognized me as an “Inspirational Leader” due to the CEO Forums I’ve been running since the pandemic hit. Those Forums have fostered some amazing conversations and helped many navigate the chaos of 2020. And we’re keeping them going as we progress in our new normal and build foundations for a stronger 2021 for our businesses and our lives. I am incredibly humbled to be nominated and recognized for this work.

I can’t say “thank you” enough to my team – for their passion, dedication, and resilience during a challenging time. And thank you to our partners, clients, and candidates. You enable us to live our mission, vision, and values. Without you, we couldn’t impact lives by connecting and empowering good people to build great companies. Our work is not done, and I’m excited to see what the HireBetter team is able to accomplish next!

I’d also like to thank the ABJ, not for recognizing us, but for taking the time to recognize some of the great leadership in our community. If you haven’t seen their list of Inspirational Leaders, I encourage you to take a look!

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