Case Study

Fueling Growth: AI Industry Client

Finding the Right Talent to Fuel Growth in the AI Industry


Long-Term Partnership

Over the course of 2.5 years, HireBetter collaborated with and developed a true understanding of the client’s organizational culture and needs.

Successful Talent Acquisition

HireBetter’s true partnership approach resulted in filling multiple hires across nearly a dozen specialized, technical positions and supporting roles across multiple locations.

Outsourced Recruiting Capacity

Working with HireBetter enabled the client’s existing human resources team to focus on internal priorities, while still onboarding the talent needed to meet project launch objectives.

Full Pipeline Provision

HireBetter provided the client with a continuous flow of high quality, diverse candidates while also developing a strong pipeline of qualified candidates for future hiring needs.

The Challenge

HireBetter embarked on a 2.5-year outsourced recruiting collaboration with a Client that provides data science tools, Machine learning operations (MLOps), and data & model management to empower their customers and community with AI capabilities to propel projects forward.

There were several key priorities including increasing diversity in the Client’s workforce, and successfully filling multiple highly technical positions across various locations. The hiring emphasis was on specialized talent required for launching new offerings and enhancing existing data science platforms, which necessitated expertise in Python, C++, Java, Kubernetes, Docker, Linux, Compilers, Go, and more. This initiative also targeted technical roles within Sales and Customer Support, demanding a high-level understanding of the platforms involved.

Time constraints, coupled with the need for diverse expertise in specific programming languages and tools, posed significant hurdles for the Client in achieving recruitment goals.


To address these challenges, HireBetter’s strategic sourcing approach leveraged a variety of platforms and networks to tap into passive candidates who were not actively seeking employment.

Outsourcing the talent sourcing process to HireBetter played a pivotal role in the client’s growth strategy by freeing up the two existing, internal recruiters’ time and in a remarkable reduction in the time spent on sourcing. HireBetter managed the initial candidate contact including the phone screening process and ensured the verification of essential aspects such as skills, experience, compensation expectations, and availability.

Roles filled included:

  • Senior DevOps
  • DevOps
  • Senior QA Automation Engineer
  • QA Automation Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer (Germany)
  • Senior Software Engineer (US)
  • Software Engineer, Package Build
  • Software Engineer
  • Solutions Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Manager, Business Development
  • Business Development Representative
  • Customer Service Representative

Additionally, a comprehensive candidate pipeline was established, equipped with data points, facilitating a seamless hand-off to internal recruiters that enabled further engagement with candidates for future roles.

Overall Results

The collaboration yielded successful results, as evidenced by the fulfillment of numerous positions over the 2.5-year partnership. The streamlined hiring process, marked by reduced time spent on sourcing, effectively addressed the time constraints faced by HireBetter’s client.

The identification and connection with exceptional candidates not only facilitated ongoing recruitment efforts but also provided a solid foundation for future hiring needs. The data-driven approach allowed for the systematic re-contacting of candidates, ensuring a sustained talent pool for the client’s evolving requirements.