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Why CEOs Should Master the Art of Delegation

What does your ideal day look like?

Does it include two full hours of time fully dedicated to being creative and hopefully get your next big idea somewhere? Or a full hour to help with cooking and catch up with your spouse before dinner time? How about evening walks after dinner?

By mastering the art of delegation, founders, entrepreneurs and CEOs can make that ideal day happen – everyday.



On our latest episode of Let’s Go! with Kurt Wilkin, we’re joined by Emily Morgan of Delegate Solutions. Emily is a master delegator and has dedicated most of the past decade and a half in helping CEOs create their own freedom. Through her innovative solutions, executives who normally have zero time to do what they love are able to do so. Having all this bonus time allows CEOs and entrepreneurs to create a bigger impact on their personal and professional growth.

Emily, Founder and CEO of Delegate Solutions, shares how delegation should be treated — as an energy management system and the obvious solution to the problems caused by bottle neck behaviors of entrepreneurs:

  1. The Hero – entrepreneurs who feel the need to run everything through them.
  2. The Interventionist – the micromanagers who lack trust and lack the awareness of what their minimal contribution should be to the overall project
  3. The Isolationist – the entrepreneurs who opt to do everything by themselves simply because they don’t have the time to explain what they want to happen so they would rather do it themselves
  4. The Time-Optimist – those who have ultra liberal concepts of their time and availability
  5. The Dreamer – this is every classic visionary who tends to distract and confuse their teams with all the different ideas.


Along with these 5 behaviors are also the 5 Golden Rules of Delegation which Emily discusses in detail in the episode. Watch the full episode and learn to make your ideal day possible.

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