Case Study

Breaking the Growth Barrier: Seven Corners

Despite experiencing excellent growth over a 20+ year history, travel insurance provider Seven Corners was stuck in a holding pattern.

“I had known we had a people problem for a while,” said co-founder Justin Tysdal. “For the majority of our 20 year history, we grew tremendously but in the past few years we just couldn’t seem to get over the hump.”

HireBetter challenged the company founders to answer some hard questions about their ability to achieve their business goals with their existing team. HireBetter’s real-world experience came into play as they worked with Seven Corners to build a talent plan that aligned with their business strategy.

“No one has ever taken the time to truly get to know Seven Corners — what makes us tick, why are we in this business, what are our corporate and individual values?” co-founder Jim Krampen said. “HireBetter changed the conversation and asked about our culture, structure, and future growth plans.”

HireBetter worked with Seven Corners’ founders to bring in a new CIO & COO. These executives opened their eyes to what true leadership talent looks like — and they wanted more. The founders’ roles have evolved to be more strategic as the new, next-level talent, including a CFO a CRO, and eight Director-level additions, runs the operations.

Annual Strategic Talent Planning™ sessions have allowed the leadership team to take a break from the daily grind and think strategically about talent with the expertise and guidance from HireBetter.

“During our initial Strategic Talent Planning™ session, the light switched on halfway through and I saw clearly where they were guiding us,” said Tysdal. “They made strong recommendations, challenged us, and questioned whether we had the right people in the right seats on the team.”

HireBetter has been thrilled to help Seven Corners transform their business into a world-class organization with operational excellence. The companies continue to partner, identifying game-changers and developing an ongoing plan for future talent that will help Seven Corners achieve their aggressive growth plans.

“Since working with HireBetter, we raised the bar across the company,” Tysdal said. “We have higher expectations for our team and the new talent has improved our organization immensely.”

Seven Corners Press Coverage

“The Strategic Talent Planning™ session provided us with clear direction and prevented us from being stuck in an entrepreneurial mode with a team that we’ve outgrown.”