5 Recruitment Trends for 2020

Iris Moon

From clothing and hairstyles to technology and social media, with every new year comes the latest trends. And recruitment is no exception. The hiring game is continuously evolving, especially as Boomers retire and Gen Z begins to enter the workforce. The talent pool is shrinking across many industries, so companies are feeling the pressure to adapt to the changing landscape. Here are the top 5 recruitment trends that we expect to see in 2020 and why your company should jump on board.

  1. Build a Strong Employer Brand and Culture – and Share It
    Employees are not looking to come in, sit quietly at a desk, and keep to themselves until 5 PM. They are looking to be a part of a team and a community that cultivates an overall positive work environment. The holidays are a good time of year to showcase your company culture through team events, like a Holiday potluck or a White Elephant gift exchange by posting it to your company’s social media channels. Yes, this is not a “normal” workday, but this is the type of culture that potential candidates are looking for. Jeans on Friday? Thursday Happy Hours? Team lunches? This is part of your company culture, and by using social media to showcase the perks outside of the average workday, candidates will see well beyond the job description.

  3. Connect on Social Media
    LinkedIn is the #1 online tool for recruiters to find new talent; unfortunately, many Gen Z candidates do not have a LinkedIn profile. So where else do you look? For many Gen Z candidates, Facebook and Instagram are seen as the “adult” social media channel where they connect with their parents, grandparents, and prospective bosses. However, for some candidates, Facebook may not even be an option as the digital space continues to evolve. In that case, Instagram is the next best option. It’s important, though, to consider which mediums are comfortable for each candidate. Today’s candidates expect that a hiring manager is going to search for them on social media, so hopefully they are prepared for this. You aren’t necessarily looking to dig up dirt on them (that’s another article for another time), but it does give you a sense of their personality and values.

  5. Create a Positive Candidate Experience
    The hiring process can be long and exhausting, especially if your internal team is not on the same page. Prepare your team for a streamlined processand ensure that everyone: (a) Makes time for the candidate interview and (b) Follows through with their communication. This will increase your brand’s image and establish the company culture that most candidates (especially the good ones!) are seeking. From the beginning of the hiring process, it’s important that any potential candidate feels like a welcomed part of the team and an asset worthy of your time.

  7. Consider Personality Assessments
    Recruiters’ perception of personality assessments can vary widely; some recruiters feel that they are an important hiring tool, while others don’t take much stock in their results. However, it’s important to remember that this type of tool should really be used to only offer additional information regarding a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and not to be used as a deal-breaker. Some candidates are more introverted than others, but that doesn’t mean they are not natural leaders. Other candidates may be less in tune with their emotions, but that doesn’t mean they are not caring people. By knowing the personality traits of your candidate, you will have more data and knowledge to best prepare them for the job ahead.
  8. Establish a Collaborative Hiring Process
    The candidate has researched your company and you have a good idea of their strengths from your initial interviews and their personality assessment. Now it’s time to see if they mesh with your team in real-time. No matter the level you are hiring for, it’s important to consider how this new candidate will fit in with their peers. For the benefit of the candidate and your current team, it’s important to see how your company culture will be enhanced (or not) when everyone is at the table. Only then will you really know if the hire was the right choice and vice versa. Remember that the candidate also wants to make sure that they fit in with the team. The sooner you can incorporate them into your company culture, the better.  

No matter your industry, it’s important that your company stand out in all the right ways for potential candidates. Top candidates are searching for an employment home that will meet their needs. If your company falls short, there will be plenty of other job opportunities available to them. 2020 is not the year to play it safe in recruiting! If you are looking to take your team and your business to the next level, incorporating these trends into your recruitment process will ensure you have an edge in the game.

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