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Three Key Questions for Upgrading Your Team in 2021

For several weeks now, I’ve been talking about how entrepreneurs need to get off to a STRONG start in 2021. They’re laying the foundation – not just for this year, but for the next five years. As I’ve written before, the secret to “next level” growth isn’t really a secret at all: you’ve got to attract and retain next-level talent!

I was excited to hear my friend Joel Trammell discuss this very concept in a recent episode of his Texas CEO Podcast. Joel talked about the need to get the right people in the right seats on the bus to unlock growth, but he also said, “CEOs need to focus on the continuous process of recruiting, not hiring. If you’re going to consistently grow a business, you’ve got to build an exciting, vibrant recruiting process directly into the core of your business.”

I couldn’t agree more! Attracting and retaining amazing talent for your business is not something that happens without strategic thinking, planning, and execution. Assessing talent can’t just be something you do when you need to replace someone who left! Talent planning should be an integral part of your strategic vision moving forward. Here are some questions you should be constantly asking – and honestly answering – to assess the makeup of your team:

  1. Given what you know now about your company and where you’re going, would you enthusiastically rehire (insert employee name) for their current role, if given the opportunity?
  2. Does each member of the team have the skillset, experience, and resources to do their job effectively?
  3. When you map out the next few months and years – do the people on your team have actual experience growing a business similar to yours? Making similar moves to the ones you’re going to be making?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you need to seriously evaluate your team and their ability to propel you to that proverbial “next level” of growth. While I highly recommend contacting the team at HireBetter to conduct a Strategic Talent Planning™ session, asking questions like these is a great way to start integrating talent into your strategy moving forward.

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