Strategic Talent Planning™

You have a multi-year, high-growth business plan. Do you have the talent to achieve it?

When you are growing and changing rapidly, talent can take you to the next level. You need a talent strategy that guides you through your next stage of growth.

Our powerful Strategic Talent Planning™ consulting process creates a talent strategy that aligns with your business goals. We challenge you to take a look at your team from a new perspective, asking critical questions and providing clarity around your organization's ability to scale.

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Living Direct, an online retailer specializing in popular built-in and outdoor home appliances, has a stellar reputation for its knowledgeable and reliable customer-focused service team. The company’s meteoric growth resulted in a significant increase in its call center needs, which quickly became overwhelmed.

After striking out with several other staffing firms and recruiting agencies, Living Direct contacted HireBetter with an urgent...


Randy Murphy, CEO of Mama Fu’s restaurant group, has a vision to create a global, fast casual restaurant brand. To achieve this, Randy recognized the need for additional talent and expertise in order to take the company to the next level.

Guided by a Strategic Talent Planning™ session, Mama Fu’s and HireBetter redesigned the company’s organizational structure and set out to bolster its senior leadership team. After conducting...


Despite experiencing excellent growth over a 20+ year history, travel insurance provider Seven Corners was stuck in a holding pattern.

“I had known we had a people problem for a while,” said co-founder Justin Tysdal. “For the majority of our 20 year history, we grew tremendously but in the past few years we just couldn’t seem to get over the hump.”

HireBetter challenged the company founders to answer some hard questions about...


By Kurt Wilkin

During a recent visit with uber-successful CEO Joel Trammell (, I was reminded of a key CEO responsibility…one of your most important jobs.

Joel made a comment that “most roles within an organization are based on the present (and judged on the past), but the CEO’s job is to focus 80% of his or her time on the future.”

Think about that for a...


By Tammie Valentini

You have started the year strong by clearly communicating your 2017 business plan and the specific objectives required to achieve the plan. However, one month into the year, you are slightly less confident you and your team will achieve it. You have now been told repeatedly that to achieve the Plan, you must hire. Your team is overwhelmed. Sound familiar?

Your initial reaction might be to give your...


By Tammie Valentini

If you are like many business executives, you are high-fiving your team for the accomplishments you achieved in 2016 but very quickly beginning to worry about achieving even more in 2017. You have built an aggressive plan for 2017 that ensures material growth year over year and developed a set of business objectives to support your plan. Now how do you ensure your team can successfully execute this...