Taking Video  Interviews to the Next Level

Taking Video Interviews to the Next Level

Taking Video Interviews to the Next Level

Taking Video Interviews to the Next Level

by Randi Campbell

HireBetter recently announced a new partnership with the world’s fastest-growing video interviewing platform, Spark Hire.

Video interviewing has increased in popularity and it is becoming a common practice among HR Departments and staffing professionals during the hiring process. Spark Hire has taken video interviewing one step further and is changing the industry by offering options for one-way, pre-recorded interviews and live, two-way interviews.

In one-way interviewing, the candidate is recorded answering a preset list of questions, whereas a live interview is a video interview that occurs in real time between the interviewer and candidate and is also recorded.

Video interviewing results in a dramatically more efficient process for the preliminary screening of candidates. The benefits of the one-way, pre-recorded interview are three-fold. It replaces the phone screen, saves time, and it standardizes the interview process.

Benefits of Pre-Recorded Interviews

  • Like a phone interview, a video interview offers a quick solution to connect with a candidate. However, the video interview offers a lot more. You can see the candidate, get a feel for their personality, passion, and if they would fit with your organization’s culture.
  • All interviews are recorded and saved, readily available to share with the hiring manager. They can be reviewed anytime, anywhere, even on the go from your smartphone.
  • It is impossible to compare apples to oranges, but with the standardization of the one-way video interview, you can compare all candidates evenly. With the one-way video interview, all questions can be set ahead of time, keeping the interview on track and allowing you to get all the information you need. A standard list of questions allows you to click on the question and see the answer – you do not have to go searching through the whole interview to find the exact answer you are looking for. In addition, since the answers are recorded, you will never miss the details or forget their answer.

As with the client story below, most of our clients are very busy. In fact, many would say they are too busy to be dragged down by the hiring process. Our solution is to make the process as seamless and efficient as possible for our clients with the aid of tools like Spark Hire.

Client Story

Recently, one of our clients was too busy to interview all the candidates that we presented, and unfortunately the need was immediate. Their previous employee had moved on to another position without notice and left the client in a frustrating and no-win situation.

Knowing that time is key and top talent is often not available for long, we offered Spark Hire as a solution. We were able to share the video interviews that were completed as a first step in the process. This allowed the client to get to know the candidates without having to schedule appointments with them.

Our client was able to narrow the candidate pool down to two and meet the final candidates they already knew would be a perfect fit for their company! In the end, the client found the perfect fit and was able to hire quickly and with a minimum amount of distraction.

If HireBetter can help you with your talent search, please reach out to us!

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