EOS Integrator Kelly Knight on Episode 8 of Let's Go! - EOS: Inside the Integrator Role

EOS®: Inside the Integrator Role

“Please don’t become an integrator unless you love people: the good, the bad, and the ugly. That’s where you’re going to spend your time – with the leadership team, harmoniously integrating functions on a day-to-day basis.”


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This week on Let’s Go! HireBetter Visionary leader Kurt Wilkin wrapped up our series on EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, by focusing on the other side of the Rocket Fuel coin: The Integrator.

Kurt welcomed Kelly Knight, the Integrator for EOS Worldwide. Kelly has been with EOS for several years and, more importantly, she’s worked with four different Visionary leaders in her time with the company. While each Visionary leader has different styles, ideas, and goals, Kelly’s job is to unite the major functions of the business, driving accountability and obsessing over organizational clarity.

Kids usually don’t grow up dreaming of being strong organizational partners, so what makes a great Integrator? For Kelly, it’s all about loving people – at the end of the day, Integrators are the ones in the trenches leading the team through the peaks and valleys. “Visionaries set the culture and talk in big strokes, getting people excited and moving us forward. But the day to day is tough for them… It can be tedious sometimes! I happen to LOVE it – I revel in it. I love spending time with the team.”

One key aspect of the Integrator role is being able to have tough conversations with the team. The Integrator leads quarterly meetings, fields concerns and complaints from the team, and delivers the good (and bad) news. But when the team has bought in, and you have the right people in the right seats, those conversations aren’t difficult. “When you have a healthy leadership team, and there’s a trusting relationship, you can say and do what’s necessary. You can deliver the most horrid information, updates, or news, knowing that we’ll get through it better together.”

In 2020 the tough conversations became more and more frequent, but Kelly and the EOS Worldwide team were able to survive the chaos and begin building the future of the company. Trust between the EOS Visionary leadership and Kelly’s Integrator role unlocked potential, even in the hardest of times.

As we wrap up our series on EOS, remember that Visionary entrepreneurs need a partner like Kelly – someone who can sift through your ideas to find the gold and make it happen! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and join our journey as we explore all things talent and uncover the path to next-level growth.


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