EOS®: Achieving Entrepreneurial Freedom

“At the core of EOS is entrepreneurial freedom. We allow and enable entrepreneurs to live their ideal – to really have the business that they dreamed of when they became an entrepreneur.”


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This week on “Let’s Go!” HireBetter Chief Evangelist Kurt Wilkin continued to uncover the ideas and methods behind EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, by exploring the WHY behind so many entrepreneurial leaders who swear by the system.

Joining Kurt this week was the visionary leader of EOS Worldwide, Mark O’Donnell. Mark came to EOS in 2019, but took over as the Visionary just four months ago. As a former engineer, Mark describes EOS in terms of polarity: the positive and negative energy work together, pushing and pulling, until a spark forms. “When organizations have a great visionary and a great integrator, there’s this push and pull, this friction, that creates a spark. When there’s a spark, you get entrepreneurial growth.”

Once you’ve got that spark and begin executing at a higher level, the true purpose behind EOS becomes clear. It allows the leader to experience true entrepreneurial freedom – an idea that EOS calls “Living the EOS Life”: Doing what you love, with people you love; making a huge difference in the world; being compensated for your work; and having time to pursue other passions. The goal of EOS is ultimately to unlock this potential for the entrepreneurial leader, the integrator, and the rest of the organization.

To gain entrepreneurial freedom, Mark encourages leaders to focus on doing what the tasks that they love and a great at. Letting go of “traditional” CEO tasks will be hard at first, but the payoff is worth it – once the leader embraces the EOS Life, the rest of the team will reap the benefits as well.

As we move forward into 2021, do more of what you love. Not only will you be happier and more fulfilled, but your entrepreneurial freedom will allow your business to THRIVE. Subscribe to our YouTube channel as we further explore EOS in the coming weeks!


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