Breaking the Growth Barrier: Seven Corners

Breaking the Growth Barrier: Seven Corners


Breaking the Growth Barrier: Seven Corners

Despite experiencing excellent growth over a 20+ year history, travel insurance provider Seven Corners was stuck in a holding pattern. They couldn’t seem to get over the hump.

HireBetter challenged the company founders to answer some hard questions about their ability to achieve their business goals with their existing team. HireBetter worked with the founders to bring in a new CTO & COO. This opened their eyes to what true leadership talent looks like — and they wanted more.

Annual Strategic Talent Planning™ sessions allowed the leadership team to take a break from the daily grind and think strategically about talent with the expertise and guidance of the HireBetter team.

HireBetter has been able to help Seven Corners transform their organization into a world-class business with operational excellence. The companies continue to partner, bringing in game-changing talent and developing a plan for future talent that will help Seven Corners as they scale and continue to grow.

In fact, Seven Corners has recently been featured in several publications about breaking through the growth barrier — in large part due to addressing their talent issues.

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Jim Krampen, Co-founder and Principal

"The Strategic Talent Planning™ session provided us with clear direction and prevented us from being stuck in an entrepreneurial mode with a team that we’ve outgrown. “