Interim Executives in the C-Suite

Interim Executives in the C-Suite


Interim Executives in the C-Suite

By Tammie Valentini

To keep pace with industry competition, companies are pressured to move faster and expand operationally to increase growth and reach more customers than ever before. These demands on your business often require specific expertise not currently available inside your organization and need to be met with a keen eye on cost. Seems impossible to address…right?

Not today. Not in our uber-educated and flexible society. Available to companies today are seasoned veterans with specific and relevant expertise for just about any situation. These individuals have built careers executing special projects alongside leaders in the C-Suite. In addition to expertise, they bring focus, an external perspective and accountability. They have one job to do and they can do it better than anyone else in your company. They have “been there and done that” at someone else’s company. They do not need to learn on your dime. These super-humans are known as Interim Executives.

Interim Executives are often brought into organizations as intellectual peers to the C-team. Perhaps they have run a similar business and have now elected to live their career as a strategic advisor motivated by delivering exceptional work. You will find many of these individuals have worked within leading consultancies and bring the tools and know-how to quickly assess your situation and implement solutions without the cost or the overhead of said consultancy.

Interim Executives are hired to execute specific projects such as:

  • an Interim CFO to support a capital raise;
  • an Interim COO to assess your operations and lead a transformation resulting in business improvements; or
  • an Interim CMO to establish your marketing strategy, allowing you to place a lower cost, permanent Marketing Manager to execute the strategy.

Often the role they fill is an immediate and strategic — but temporary — need. The beauty of the Interim Executive is you only pay for their services for the time it takes to execute the project. There are generally no benefits paid or any long-term expenses incurred or any equity expenditure. It is truly an on-demand, tailored solution for a serious business need.

Sounds great, you say, but how does one find such exceptional on-demand talent? Fortunately, connecting with the right firm can quickly make the perfect Interim Executive available to you when the need arises. This approach made a big difference to one of our clients:

"Working with HireBetter has catapulted my company to a new level. HireBetter took time to learn my business strategy and current strengths and built a talent strategy to fill the gaps, including bringing forth an incredible project-based team to meet immediate needs and capitalize on opportunities.”

-Michael Ryan, CEO, SpiceCSM

At HireBetter, we love to identify outstanding Interim Executives to serve alongside members of the C-Suite. It might be just the key you are looking for to unlock business success.

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