You Can’t “HireBetter” if Your Culture Sucks!

Kurt Wilkin

At HireBetter we’ve got a lot of great clients. Companies doing some amazing things which are led by thoughtful, authentic, conscious leaders. But we’ve also seen some not-so-great companies with crappy cultures and high turnover.

Needless to say, it is hard to recruit top talent for those types of companies. And it’s doubly hard to get top talent to stay! Because we: (a) guarantee our work, and (b) recruit the vast majority of our candidates out of other jobs; you can see why we’ve gotten pretty good about firing those bad clients!

Autumn Manning knows a thing or two about building a strong culture and retaining top talent. She is Founder of employee engagement technology company, YouEarnedIt (YEI), which recently attracted an investment from one of the top private equity firms in the world, Vista Equity Partners. YEI then merged with another company to create Kazoo.

Autumn recently interviewed Austin CEO legend Mark McClain from SailPoint and discussed building a great culture and a great team. The resulting article is a solid read and examines some of the fundamentals of strong culture, including core values, ownership of the culture and, as Jim Collins says, “[getting] the right people on the right seats on the bus.” I recommend How to Build A Great Culture From Scratch — And What To Do When Your Culture Is Broken and I also encourage you to listen to the full interview (a little less than an hour), which is available on Autumn’s podcast site.

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