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Why You Should Make Time to Hire During the Holidays

Amy Ancira

How spending time now can put you ahead in the New Year

As the holidays approach, our minds wander to food, fun and family time. We often put critical business tasks on the back burner, and hiring top talent is no exception. When facing competing issues, finding talent for key positions is often the first thing overlooked. End of year wrap-up and next year’s planning are prioritized ahead of identifying your next game changer, and when you factor in less time in the office due to vacation and the subsequent lack of time, its clear what takes a back seat. Partnering with a trusted advisor and hiring during the holidays could put your business ahead in unexpected ways in the New Year.

#1. Less Competition

While most of your competitors put hiring on hold during November and December, you’ll enjoy a greater pool of high quality candidates. Hiring during this time will give your company an edge, as the number of quality jobseekers does not wane during the same time period. Now is the time to find your game-changing team member and start 2017 strong.

#2. Talent Needs Will Not Disappear

Your personnel challenges will still exist after the holidays. In fact, they may even become worse after months without a solution. Continue searching for your permanent player and in the meantime, place a project-based resource to help ease your pain.

#3. Hiring Takes Time

To fill a position in Q1 you need to start in Q4. It may seem counter-intuitive to search in Q4 because there are so many competing priorities, but with a trusted partner running the process for you, sourcing and interviewing can happen with minimal interruption to your day-to-day. By continuing to search over the holidays, you guarantee that the role will be filled in Q1 and the new hire will be executing on the strategic vision by Q2. After all, putting your search on hold will add more time in the long run and could even disrupt long-term timelines.

You don’t take a break from building your business over the holidays, and neither do we. With HireBetter as a partner, you’ll be well on your way kicking off the new year with game-changing talent. It’s time to get started!

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