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Executive Onboarding

Improve retention, productivity, and engagement with effective integration

Executive Onboarding

Sink or Swim

When you invest significant time and money recruiting new leaders, you definitely want them to swim. But without a proper onboarding program, you set them up to sink. Effective onboarding and integration enables new executives to become fully productive, contributing members of your team, in the shortest possible amount of time.

Protect Your Investment

In this tight job market, the costs to acquire and retain employees continue to increase. It costs approximately $240,000 to recruit, hire, and onboard a new employee, and the cost of executive failure can be more than ten times their base salary. Insure your talent investment with a strong onboarding process that sets employees up for success – and ensures that you don’t have to start the recruiting process all over again.

Onboard and Integrate

A strong onboarding and integration program:

  • Ensures ongoing alignment of goals and objectives
  • Reduces turnover and associated costs
  • Improves retention
  • Shortens time to full productivity
  • Engages new leaders with company culture

Onboarding by the Numbers

A strong onboarding process:

Improves new-hire retention by up to
Itmproves employee's productivity by up to


In a survey of C-Suite executives:

60% said it took them 6 months to achieve full impact
20% said it took 9 months
Only 1/3 said they had any meaningful support during their transitions

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