Karen Sammon of Par Tech on Transformational Leadership | Let's Go! Episode 12

How Transformational Leadership Can Transform Your Business

“This is the time we can use our philosophy of having a higher purpose as an organization: Elevate humanity through business, working with leaders to allow them to be conscious themselves first and then bring that forth to the organization to build a conscious culture where people feel… trusted, safe, empowered, intentional, and to think about the whole ecosystem.”



This week on “Let’s Go!,” Kurt Wilkin hosts a discussion on transformational leadership, conscious capitalism, and the power of relationships and connections.

Building connections and nurturing conscious relationships are two things that a lot of CEOs fail to consider. For Karen Sammon, former CEO and President of Par Tech, shaping her business and leadership style toward sustainability steered her former company toward the $2B business it is today.

At Par Tech, Karen transformed her former company by making the success of members of her team as the focal point. This shift was born out of empathy and understanding of the personal impacts intentional leadership could bring to the morale and success of her business, and ultimately led to a new direction in her leadership style.

Being conscious in leading teams means that doing the right thing always takes priority over profits. It means knowing that there is always a way to make money and still do great things for your people.

Transforming your organization is easier said than done, but Karen has given us valuable insight for success:

  • Leaders have an obligation to do better – Whether it is in your leadership style or in the processes at work, leaders must constantly work on ensuring that the work they do enriches the lives of the individual members of the team.
  • Metrics are not the bottom line – When a company is obsessed with tracking performance, there is less interest in creating a great impact on people’s lives. There must be a balance between metrics and in caring for the people not as human capital, but as humans.
  • Constantly revisit your values – What worked ten years ago will not be as effective today, so values must evolve as the company grows.

Being a conscious leader gives you the license to be you. Make this year the opportunity to embrace all forms of growth and ride on this effort to move up with transformational leadership. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and tune in as we continue to host insightful conversations with entrepreneurs in the coming weeks.


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