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Sorry, You’re Giving Bad Feedback

May 24, 2019 by Kurt Wilkin

Most of us suck at providing solid, usable, and timely feedback to employees. Which, in some ways, is understandable—in the busy day-to-day of running and growing a company, any kind of feedback process often gets cast aside, usually relegated to end-of-year reviews.

But as our friends at BLUECASE, a HireBetter client, recently wrote on, “It would be absurd for a champion caliber athlete to receive feedback only once a year from their coach. Just as a great basketball player gets daily feedback to improve their game, leaders can and should do the same.”

In the post, Justin Follin  succinctly tells us that the “traditional” style of providing employee feedback is woefully outdated and just plain bad for business.

This was especially timely for my HireBetter team as we continue to grow and scale. I love the practice of asking “What is going well?” regularly. I also appreciate that Follin encourages us to take our weekly one-on-one meetings and use them to give candid feedback—positive or negative—and to offer an improvement opportunity for those areas where someone is falling short.

How does your company address feedback on an ongoing basis?

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