Case Study

Talent Strategy: Private Equity

Talent Strategy Drives Value for Private Equity & their Portfolio Companies


Analysis of Effectiveness

Insight into the skills and competencies of existing teams against projected growth goals

Growth Strategy

Projections of future cost and talent optimization solutions for rapid growth

Scalable Plan

Clear talent roadmap for scaling

Impactful Placement

High-quality candidates who create growth throughout the organization

The Challenge

As a result of investing in or acquiring companies, Private Equity (PE) firms introduce expertise that significantly impacts a company’s growth, stability, value, and competitiveness in the market.

Beyond providing the capital to grow, some of the most important benefits to companies are the experienced professionals that PE investment provides. These experienced executives offer valuable strategic advice to help the company grow. Whether it is optimization of internal processes, enhancing operational efficiency, streamlining the organization, or recognizing the key talent needed to scale, strategic growth is typically the primary goal.

One key area that requires focused attention in due diligence and post-transaction is the role that talent plays in realizing a company’s growth potential. In the due diligence process, HireBetter works with PE firms to understand the company’s current organizational structure, assess talent gaps, make recommendations regarding iterative organizational structure, and provide cost and timeline projections for future talent needs.

Whether it is identifying key leadership positions, assessing functional deficiencies, or understanding the organizational structure necessary to support growth, HireBetter provides deep insight into current and future talent needs.



Upon execution of a Letter of Intent, HireBetter collaborates closely with our PE partners to conduct a comprehensive organizational talent assessment. The assessment provides insights into current organizational structure, identifies gaps, and develops a preliminary organizational roadmap with prioritization of hires, to forecast talent needs for the near-term based on business priorities. In tandem with the talent assessment, HireBetter provides a corresponding market and salary overview to provide insight into both the addressable candidate market and the overall cost of executing against the preliminary talent roadmap.


Following investment, HireBetter conducts an initial Strategic Talent Planning TM session with executive leadership to validate and further flesh out company priorities alongside the initial talent roadmap. As a long-term talent partner, HireBetter provides a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape and the addressable talent market for each of the roles identified, ensuring strategic hires can happen when needed.
Annual Strategic Talent Planning TM sessions ensure that the company prioritizes and realigns strategy based on evolving market conditions.


Initial talent support often includes Interim Placements for accounting & finance expertise to professionalize financial reporting and ensure the PE firm has full transparency. With a focus on optimization of budgeting procedures, streamlining AP/AR processes, and preparing GAAP compliant financials, this interim resource often prepares the organization for a smooth transition to a full-time controller. HireBetter also provides ongoing Permanent Placement or Recruitment Process Outsourcing support by identifying A-players for each position identified in the talent roadmap.
Careful curation of candidates promotes collaboration and innovation while maintaining core values, culture, and a growth mindset. A flexible cost structure provides efficient Talent Sourcing, Permanent Placement and Project Consulting solutions that are closely aligned with budget and prioritization.

Overall Results

Private Equity firms gain clarity regarding front-end acquisition costs and future budget required to build teams that can deliver the growth that investment requires. They also gain the ability to anticipate future costs related to talent, which enables strategic allocation of resources for a sustainable growth trajectory. PE firms and the companies they invest in understand and are aligned on expectations related to current and future talent investments to scale. HireBetter’s flexible cost structure reduces costs related to talent acquisition and human resources management while increasing alignment. Development of a well-defined talent roadmap and competitive compensation packages attract top talent, fostering a motivated and skilled workforce.