Planning for Business Success After 2020

“Spend your time and energy building a business you’ll want to own in 2030!”
– Clint Greenleaf


2020 has been a year of struggles, shifting priorities, and upheaval. At times we may have lost focus on our long-term goals in order to ensure our short-term survival. But while the path may have changed, opportunity still remains. It’s time to refocus – away from survival and towards our long-term success.

Last week, HireBetter Co-Founder Kurt Wilkin re-launched his weekly video series around the idea that it’s time to embrace our new reality and start planning for the future. In the pilot episode of the series, Kurt had an insightful conversation with Clint Greenleaf, Founder and CEO of Content Capital – an innovative publishing company that leverages a holistic model providing thoughtful content strategies to help organizations and authors meet their goals.

Kurt and Clint talked about the publishing process in 2020 and beyond and how planning content fits into a long-term strategy for success. When planning content, leaders should try not to focus on solving small problems. What people want to see, hear, and read are the BIG strategies, ideas, and choices that helped you WIN. Sharing those will translate into success, whether it’s in courting new clients, developing existing relationships, or attracting new business.

Like most, Clint’s March and April were filled with doom and gloom as he stressed about just surviving in the short term. Then, he adopted the mantra “no excuses, figure it out!” Instead of focusing on putting out small fires, he turned his sights on the future. Much like content planning, business leaders need to focus on the lasting impacts they want their companies to make.

When working with clients who want to write a book, Clint first asks them to map out their tangible goals in one, five, and ten years. Business leaders should do the same with their companies. While it can be tempting to lose yourself in the now – as a leader, you have to refocus on building for the future. Picture yourself in 2030… What will make you look back and say, “Man, I wish I had done this”? Well, go out and do that now!

This marks the end of our previous series, “Survival & Thrival,” and the start of our journey to uncover the paths to success in our new reality. Subscribe to our YouTube channel – we’d love to have you with us for this adventure.

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