Our New Solution for Short-Term Talent Needs

Kurt Wilkin

A Letter from the CEO

At HireBetter, we ask you to “rethink what you think about talent.” And we take pride in our ability to listen to your needs and understand your goals. As such, we continue to expand HireBetter’s capabilities to ensure we fully support your growing business. I am thrilled to announce the launch of HireBetter’s Project-Based Talent Team – solving talent needs when your business requires short-term relief or specific expertise for a brief period of time.

Over the past few years, I’ve heard my clients and peers agonize over talent issues in a variety of forms. Since we began conducting Strategic Talent Planning™ sessions, there isn’t much we haven’t heard. One consistent theme is the need for short-term solutions in the middle market. These solutions come in variety of forms, from solving a hair-on-fire issue to needing an experienced executive for a specific project. You may need a project accountant to solve an accounts receivable issue or a CMO to develop a marketing strategy or an operational leader to develop systems and processes for your existing team to follow. The right talent at the right time can be a game changer for your organization.

To properly address our clients’ needs and the lack of quality solutions in the market, we have expanded the HireBetter team to include dedicated professionals who can assist you in identifying the right project-based solution for you. Much like our Retained Search practice, our Project-Based team works with you to identify the right cultural fit with the best skill-set for your short-term needs.

As you grow, so does HireBetter. We are listening to you and growing our team to serve yours! I am excited about the expansion of our service offerings, and I’m more confident than ever in our ability to help you grow and scale your organization.

Still not sure how project-based talent can help you? Here are five ways that can improve your life and your company.

Contact us to take your business to the next level.

Kurt Wilkin, HireBetter CEO

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