Case Study

Expanding Leadership: National Business Capital

Financial Services Company Expands Leadership Team Through Strategic Hire


Successful Executive Placement

The search successfully culminated in the hiring of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), making the first executive-level addition to National Business Capital’s leadership team through our Permanent Placement services.

Long Term Impact

The new CMO was instrumental in building a more robust lead generation function through effective marketing, and expanding the company’s marketing efforts beyond the CEO’s involvement.

The Situation

National Business Capital (NBC), a prominent financial services company specializing in business loans and lines of credit is known for its ability to fund quickly, its technology-driven approach, and its agility to provide nontraditional loans. The company has funded over $2 billions for SMBs. NBC encountered a significant challenge in building a robust marketing function, realizing it was time to bring their marketing team to the next level.

NBC recognized the need for a CMO to lead and expand its marketing function beyond the CEO’s efforts. This was a critical strategic decision, as it was the first time the company had engaged in an executive-level search, outsourced this process, or worked with a search firm. Prior to this expansion, NBC’s leadership team was either original to the early days of the company or had been developed and promoted from within the organization.

The engagement began with a referral from one of HireBetter’s trusted strategic partner, CEO Coaching International, setting the stage for credibility and trust with the client. The entire search process was managed by HireBetter’s experienced executive search professionals.




HireBetter worked closely with NBC to understand their specific needs, the position requirements, and how it aligned with the company’s overall goals. This phase involved detailed discussions to define the scope of the CMO position.



To ensure a seamless and efficient evaluation of potential candidates, HireBetter facilitated the interview process. As an extension of NBC’s brand, HireBetter translated their strong company culture to the candidate market as a whole.



After understanding NBC’s needs, the HireBetter team translated these requirements into a comprehensive position description and market analysis. This involved ongoing communication with the client to ensure alignment.



As an ambassador of both NBC and the candidate, HireBetter’s team facilitated compensation negotiations, ensuring a successful onboarding.



Our preliminary sourcing efforts produced 3-5 sample candidate profiles to calibrate against which aligned with NBC’s requirements. This process refined expectations to better align client needs and ideal candidate profile.

Overall Results

The search resulted in the successful placement of a CMO, enabling NBC to strengthen its marketing function and reduce its dependence on the CEO for marketing and lead generation initiatives. The company is now better positioned to grow its brand and reach a broader audience. In summary, National Business Capital’s partnership with HireBetter proved invaluable in addressing their leadership needs, and the addition of a CMO marked a significant milestone in their growth and development as a company.