Case Study

Redefine Hiring: Medical Device Manufacturer

HireBetter Partners with Medical Device Manufacturer to Redefine Its Hiring Landscape


Large-Scale Recruitment

With 51 candidates selected to interview, HireBetter successfully identified the right fit for 8 positions across 5 functional areas.

Candidate Pipeline Optimization

HireBetter developed a candidate pipeline to re- engage with candidates when multiple hires were needed.

Revitalized Messaging

The candidate experience was improved by creating a strong and appealing employer value proposition with proactive communication.

The Challenge

A medical device and component manufacturer needed recruiting support to address labor shortages within the organization. HireBetter worked with the company over the course of 18 months in order to meet the increased demand for personnel.

During the partnership, HireBetter solved multiple challenges. First, the company was not well-known, even with candidates in their industry, which meant recruiting was significantly more difficult. Second, while the company had its own talent acquisition team and processes, it lacked strong top-of-funnel support, which is a critical aspect of recruiting.

Internal leadership raised HireBetter’s creation of a robust and sustainable pipeline of candidates.


Redefining the hiring landscape consisted of four main initiatives:


Partnering with the client’s internal team to create shareable content for candidates during outreach


Restructuring the candidate conversation to drive increased engagement


Collaborating on the creation of an appealing employer value proposition to enhance brand awareness and credibility


Developing a substantial candidate pipeline with the ability to re-engage with candidates, helping in situations when multiple hires are needed

Overall Results

HireBetter’s expert recruiters screened hundreds of candidates, with more than 50 selected by the client for interviews. The specific roles included:

  • Senior Product Development Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Senior Account Manager
  • Marketing Graphic Design Specialist
  • Senior Cost Accountant
  • Market Development Manager
  • Global Quality Director
  • Key Account Manager