How to Plan Your Way Out of 2020

Kurt Wilkin

“Planning could be what separates companies that emerge from the pandemic and succeed in 2021 from those who remain stalled in 2020.”– Mark Moses, CEO Coaching International

2020 sure has been a crazy year. And many of us are ready for it to be over! A few weeks ago I wrote that it’s time to put 2020 in the rear-view mirror and hit the gas. While we can’t change what happened in 2020, what we can do is use the lessons we’ve learned in planning for 2021. To paraphrase an old football coach of mine, “we can’t let 2020 beat us twice!”

I have been advocating for CEOs and entrepreneurs to shift their mindset from simply getting through 2020, to playing offense to come out stronger – and heading into 2021 full speed. I also believe that if you want to have a kickass 2021, you need to plan for it. It doesn’t magically happen.

Many of my peers are struggling to even think about strategic planning in the midst of so much uncertainty. Luckily, my friend Mark Moses of CEO Coaching International put together a comprehensive three-part guide to prepare, execute, and follow through on your annual planning session this year. I encourage you to check it out and follow his advice!

I appreciate how in Part I, Mark encourages you not to let COVID dominate discussions, “A vaccine isn’t going to cure your narrow supply chain, stagnant customer base, or mediocre digital marketing. Effective annual planning will.” In Part II, he outlines seven steps that will lead you to an actionable, measurable plan and a clear set of expectations for you and your team to follow in the coming year. And finally, in Part III he highlights the most important step of an annual plan: FOLLOW THROUGH! He provides practical solutions like creating scoreboards, establishing a communication schedule, and working with a coach who will hold you accountable.

“Annual planning isn’t just an annual event. It’s an ongoing process that requires courage, commitment, and accountability from the highest levels of your organization all the way down.”

I couldn’t agree more Mark! It’s time to start focusing on the future, or you’ll get stuck in the past.

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