How to Grow & Scale Your Business with Talent Strategy


“The people in the room at $40 million are probably the same at $100 million. They’re definitely not the same at $200 million. Or $750 million. ALL companies on this journey upgraded their leadership teams, most at least twice.”
– Mark Moses

In this week’s episode of “Let’s Go!”, HireBetter Chief Evangelist Kurt Wilkin talked with Mark Moses, CEO and Founding Partner of CEO Coaching International, about what it takes to grow and scale companies with strategic score cards and talent.

Thanks to his work with CEO Coaching International, an executive coaching firm with clients in 40 different countries across 55 industries, Mark is uniquely positioned to know what makes companies successful. He encourages his clients to keep “scorecards,” much like in hockey (or football) to keep track of successes as they unfold. To track success over time, Mark asks, “Where do you want to be by the end of Q1 2021? What are the specific, measurable activities you’re keeping score on that will drive the outcomes you want? That’s a best practice that every firm in the world ought to be doing at the end of 2020.”

As we often preach here at HireBetter, success starts with the team. Without the right people in the right seats, scaling the company simply isn’t possible. But getting the right people on your team is tough! It can be hard to part with long-time employees who have bought in to the culture, vision, and values of the team. Attracting “rock star” talent to the team is also a costly venture.

In response to these challenges, Mark challenges his clients to make the tough decisions and court the top-level talent that will help the business grow. Upgrading your team takes courage and a willingness to make difficult decisions, but it’s ultimately worth it. And Mark would know, having personally coached the founder of an $80M company that grew into a $2B business under his guidance. Imagine where you want the business to be in three years… is the team you have now still occupying the same chairs? The simple truth is that it takes different kinds of expertise and experience at different stages of growth. If the CEO isn’t willing to make tough decisions in the C-Suite, the company won’t grow as quickly.

“It takes courage to upgrade your team. But the companies that do this are the ones that grow!”

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