HireBetter Names New CEO As Co-Founder Steps Aside

Garrett Muston

Former Dell Leader Cisco Sacasa Steps In as CEO to Grow and Scale Business

Austin, Texas, July 17, 2020 — HireBetter, the leading talent partner to entrepreneurial, high-growth, middle-market companies, today announced Francisco (Cisco) Sacasa has been named CEO. Kurt Wilkin, HireBetter’s Co-Founder and CEO, is stepping aside but he is not stepping away. He will move into a new role as Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist.

Sacasa joined HireBetter as President in October of 2019. Since then, Cisco has been an integral part of establishing systems and processes that will enable HireBetter to grow and scale.

“This decision was really an easy one,” said Wilkin. “In many of our Strategic Talent PlanningTM sessions with clients, we help Entrepreneurs and CEOs identify their ‘highest and best use,’ and oftentimes help them move into new roles, replacing them with next-level talent. That is exactly what we are doing here – we’re following our own advice and bringing in someone stronger than me to run the company – freeing me up to do what I do best,” Wilkin said.

Prior to joining HireBetter, Sacasa held the positions of CFO and COO at Beanitos and Buzz Points, and consulted in a similar capacity for a number of other high-growth, middle-market companies. Previously, he spent over 13 years at Dell, where he held leadership roles and was instrumental in launching Dell’s software business unit. Cisco began his career at Deloitte & Touche and Assurant.

Sacasa says HireBetter is leading a movement to create a new firm based on Wilkin’s belief that the traditional recruiting industry is broken. “We’re not a recruiting agency, we are a Strategic Talent Partner,” said Sacasa.  “Kurt set out to create a unique firm, and my job is to execute on that vision, lead our nationwide expansion and scale the organization,” he said.

“I’ve known and worked with Cisco for a long time and I have always respected him as a person and as a business leader,” said Wilkin. “So I was excited to welcome him to our leadership team last fall. Since joining HireBetter, Cisco has continually demonstrated his exceptional leadership skills, successfully leading the team – even, and especially – in the middle of a global pandemic,” Wilkin said.

“I am excited to be an even bigger part of such a great company and team,” Sacasa said. “It’s a challenging time to lead a company right now. But it’s also a very exciting time with so many opportunities to make changes that will drive the success of HireBetter, our clients and our partners in the long run,” he continued.

“And that’s what we’re doing. We’re making important moves that will allow us to thrive through the pandemic, continue to deliver the best talent solutions to our clients nationwide, and help us grow tenfold when it’s all said and done.”

About HireBetter
HireBetter is the strategic talent partner for entrepreneurial, high-growth, middle-market companies that need the right solutions to thrive and scale. HireBetter supports organizational growth and change by developing talent strategies and building world-class leadership teams. To learn more, visit www.HireBetter.com


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