HireBetter Cisco Sacasa and Kurt Wilkin Video Promo Image - A Visionary-Integrator Partnership in Action

EOS®: A Visionary-Integrator Partnership in Action


“You need the gas and the brakes. If you have the integrator running the show, you’ll apply the brakes too often and it’s going to limit your growth. Likewise if you don’t have the integrator and it’s all gas, you run the risk of going off a cliff. The balance between the two is where the magic happens.”


This week on “Let’s Go!” we continue our exploration of EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, by pulling back the curtain on HireBetter’s own Visionary-Integrator partnership.

Joining HireBetter’s Co-Founder and Visionary, Kurt Wilkin, is our very own CEO and Integrator, Cisco Sacasa. Cisco came to HireBetter in November 2019 as President, and he turned out to be the perfect match to Kurt’s visionary style of leadership. In a short amount of time, Kurt and Cisco became true partners with a relationship built on trust and their alignment around a shared vision for HireBetter.

For Cisco, the first order of business as HireBetter’s Integrator was to clearly define the vision that Kurt had for the company. “Everything comes back to the vision… What are we trying to do here? What’s the ultimate goal?” Without an overarching vision guiding them, it is impossible for an integrator to operate to their full potential. But once Kurt and Cisco aligned around a common vision for the company, Cisco immediately began making the day-to-day operations have a singular purpose: Helping to achieve HireBetter’s goals to turn that vision into reality.

Cisco’s grasp on the day-to-day allows Kurt the freedom to pursue the big picture – whether it’s creating new partnerships, cultivating client relationships, or dreaming up future ways to scale. Last summer, Kurt even stepped aside as CEO so that he could take a step further away from the “muckity muck of the day to day,” as Cisco calls it. And while Kurt’s role is to be creative, Cisco’s is to understand the capacity of the team and to “listen and process the ideas, then determine which ones fit our mission and vision of what we’re trying to do.”

The Visionary-Integrator relationship between Kurt and Cisco has allowed both leaders to focus on what they’re truly best at. As we move forward into 2021, their trust and open communication will lead to many new opportunities and push our business to new heights. Subscribe to our YouTube channel as we wrap up our EOS journey in the next – and final – episode!



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