EOS®: How to Hire Your Integrator

“There are no crystal balls or guaranteed outcomes. What you put in your one-year and three-year plan have to be destinations WORTH arriving at – that the team believes in and will work to accomplish.”
– Damon Neth

This week on “Let’s Go!”, HireBetter Chief Evangelist Kurt Wilkin continued his deep dive into the Entrepreneurial Operating System, or EOS, by looking at how to take a vision and make it a reality by getting the right people in the right chairs.

To continue the conversation about EOS, Kurt talked to Damon Neth, a certified EOS Implementer, seasoned interim executive, and Author of “X-Formation: Transforming Business Through Interim Executive Leadership.” Damon started his journey with EOS believing that he was 100% integrator, but after taking the Rocket Fuel test and scoring higher as a visionary, he took a “clarity break” to reflect on his traits and how he could best serve the companies he works with. Although he was skilled in day-to-day operations and management, his visionary nature drives him to success when he comes in to companies on a temporary basis.

As companies prepare for the future, Damon says that “Half the battle is knowing where you sit. Entrepreneurs start out wearing all the hats, but as they grow and scale, they have to figure out if they’re more visionary or integrator.”

Once the entrepreneur figures out which space they occupy, the next step is to determine a path forward. A lot of entrepreneurs look to grow their companies to some hypothetical exit point in the future. The problem is that without a plan, and the right people in place to execute that plan, the entrepreneur builds a company that is totally reliant on their expertise and labor. If the company can’t operate without you, you’re not going to find a path forward!

Having a roadmap like EOS allows visionary entrepreneurs to find the right integrator, get them in the right seat, and execute the plan to grow and scale the business. Damon recommends prioritizing integrators who have “been there, done that.” The Integrator is the person who has to be willing to go “into the danger” – they must see the path to success and understand how to get there. Having an experienced integrator is key because they can be the steadying voice through changes and keep the team focused on the ultimate goal.

As companies move forward from 2020, their leaders must be aligned and know exactly where they fit into future plans. Subscribe to our YouTube channel as we explore EOS further in the coming weeks!

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