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How We Help Your Talent Investment Succeed

Often organizations focus so much energy solely on securing the right leaders for key executive roles that they overlook the need to help them with their transitions. By treating employee onboarding as fundamental to their talent strategy, businesses can harness the leaders’ potential quickly and reap the benefits sooner.

Our executive onboarding process will help your new hire easily converge into the culture, pivot the business in a new direction, and develop a high-performing team aligned around shared purpose, goals, strategies, and results-driven action plans. The executive onboarding integration plan and expert, hands-on approach will help your company kick start its strategic, operational, and organizational processes so you accomplish in 90 days what normally takes 6 months-1 year. 

Our Strong Onboarding & Integration Program:

  • Ensures ongoing alignment of goals and objectives
  • Reduces turnover and associated costs
  • Improves retention
  • Shortens time to full productivity
  • Engages new leaders with company culture


Executive Integration: Get Your Executive Team Where You Want To Go

In order for leaders to effectively lead, they need to know how to lead themselves first, through dedication towards their own development. Our executive integration services will help your leaders advance their skills, develop strategies to overcome obstacles, set and achieve growth goals, and will ultimately help your organization get to where you want to go.  

Our CEO, entrepreneur, and executive team integrators are highly experienced within the C-Suite realm and have faced similar obstacles and opportunities that will help them best prepare your team for success. The executive integration programs are highly flexible and will be customized to address your organization’s challenges and growth goals. 

We’re here to help your leaders perform with confidence and grow in the face of challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. 



Executive Onboarding By the Numbers

  • Improves New-Hire Retention By Up To 82%
  • Improves Employee’s Productivity By Up To 70%
    • (Source: Society for Human Resource Management)
  • It costs $240,000 to recruit, hire, & onboard a new employee, & the cost of executive failure can be more than 10x their base salary.

  • 60% Said It Took Them 6 Months To Achieve Full Impact
  • 20% Said It Took 9 Months
  • Only ⅓ Said They Had Any Meaningful Support During Their Transitions
    • (Source: Harvard Business Review)
How Our Proven Executive Onboarding & Integration Process Works

  • Best Practices & Overview
  • Data Collection
  • Prep Session

  • New Contributor & Onboarding
  • 7 Check-ins During First 3 Weeks

  • 45 Day and 60 Day Check-ins
  • 90 Day Evaluation Support

  • 120 Day and 150 Day Check-ins
  • 180 Day Evaluation Support

Harness Your Leaders’ Potential & Reap The Rewards


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