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The private equity (PE) industry has unique challenges as competition heats up for deals and investors continue to move downmarket towards smaller, younger, and less sophisticated companies. Many of these companies are profitable and have proven products but most do not have scalable, processes, or a strong next-level leadership team, or a true product roadmap. Private Equity firms often deploy capital to fix any glaring holes quickly and drive growth and margins in order to fuel EBITDA growth. To do this, PE-backed portfolio companies need to have a talented leadership team that is willing and able to drive efficiencies while running the business. 

Through years of experience building executive teams for private equity-backed portfolio companies and companies seeking private equity investment, we have identified key characteristics that drive success across multiple industries. Our executive recruiting team understands what makes a good leadership team in a leveraged environment. We work with our clients to place key leaders who are driven, talented, and strategic, yet who can also “roll up their sleeves” to get work done.


Our Private Equity Focus Areas

We build teams of professionals across a range of specializations and geographies for private equity-backed companies and those seeking private equity investment. We’ve built a network of highly intelligent and analytical, yet also creative and resourceful candidates, with significant private equity experience and success, including the following job functions.  

  • C-Suite & Executive-Level
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Operations
  • Sales & Marketing 
  • Human Resources 

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The HireBetter Difference

We are your Strategic Talent Partner who understands and specializes in entrepreneurial companies and the unique challenges you face. We take a business approach to build your next-level team. We are experts at identifying candidates who have the competencies for the role, the cultural fit with the company, and the capabilities and skills required by your current or future private equity partner.

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