Case Study

CPO Sourcing: Dhanani Group

Chief People Officer Brings High-Level Structure To Complex Organization


Successful Placement

The successful placement of a Chief People Officcer brought professionalization and strategic focus to the HR function within the family-owned business

Internal Process Support

Restructuring allowed key leadership to shift attention to other aspects of the company’s portfolio.

Long Term Impact

The new CPO’s expertise in HR strategy, compliance, and talent development positioned the organization for sustained growth and success.

The Challenge

A prominent family office with a diverse portfolio of restaurants and multi-family assets, valued at $2 billion, faced a critical challenge in the professionalization of their leadership functions. The portfolio included franchises of well-known brands such as Burger King and Pizza Hut. Their CEO Coaching International coach referred them to HireBetter (HB) for assistance in addressing a key leadership need.

The specific challenge was centered around the need for a Chief People Officer (CPO) to oversee and enhance their Human Resources function. The family-owned businesses sought to professionalize HR and elevate it to a strategic level within the organization. The existing HR role-holder desired to step away from the day-to-day HR operations, as they also had ownership interests in other companies.

The family office recognized the importance of having a strategically focused CPO who enables the organization to live its mission, vision, and core values – further helping to grow and scale the organization through people and culture-centric approaches, all while navigating the complexities of a quick-service restaurant setting with employees in multiple states.




HireBetter approached the challenge with a multifaceted solution. Drawing upon our extensive experience in executive search, HR, and people leadership positions, we leveraged our network to identify a slate of suitable candidates. The candidate who eventually took on the role was part of HireBetter leadership’s personal network and was a previous client.



The selected CPO brought deep experience in managing HR functions in the quick-service restaurant industry with a diverse workforce across multiple states. The new CPO was well-equipped to handle the complexities of HR strategy, talent development, compensation strategy, and compliance.



The new CPO would enable a key leader within the family office to step out of the fire fight of the day-to-day operations of HR, allowing more focus on the strategic management of other businesses within the portfolio. This restructuring allowed for an elevation of HR within the organization.



Demonstrated expertise in HR and people leadership positions, particularly in non-traditional client environments, was a key differentiator.

Overall Results

HireBetter’s role in the solution was characterized by deep trust and expertise, established through our network, and our track record of delivering exceptional leadership. Additionally, our ability to work effectively with entrepreneurial companies aligned perfectly with the needs of the family office. The partnership between the family office and HireBetter exemplifies how the right talent partner can address critical organizational challenges and drive long-term success.