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“Today, your company is going to be so much more successful if you think of everybody as a leader, even individual contributors. Leadership is a way of showing up at work.”



This week on “Let’s Go!” Kurt Wilkin talks with Suzi Sosa, Co-Founder & CEO of Verb, about conscious leadership. They discuss the future of leadership and the modern-approach to leadership training which involves adopting diversity and inclusion principles.

There is a disconnect between leadership training and the development of soft skills in shaping future leaders. What it means to be a leader nowadays is not only about the mastery of management and negotiation skills, but in the expansion of intrapersonal skills. There is so much emphasis on leadership skills by the book but to be really effective, leaders need to be progressive and show up in their best human version everyday.

Suzi Sosa, Co-founder of Verb, shares three factors for developing a culture of conscious leadership:

  • Upgrade Leadership Content – Provide training not just on the doing aspect, but also on the being aspect of leadership. Leaders are not only born, leadership qualities can be developed.

  • Leadership Development for All – Make leadership part of the company culture and think of everybody as a leader. Leadership is a way of showing accountability at work and opening up leadership development and enhancement not only for those in the C-suite, but for everybody in the organization, will improve the morale of the team as a whole.

  • Meet Them Where They Are – There must be enough flexibility within the company in providing team members the space to try different ways to grow. Along with this, developing comfortability within the company to talk about issues that have long been ignored like the issue on race is a must. Building up capabilities about race will lead to an organic championing of the principles of diversity and inclusion.

If your company is not talking about race issues, trust that your company is not talking about the other matters that need to be addressed. Keep joining us as we take on topics that keep leadership evolved, straight from the experts. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you don’t miss a single episode as we continue to host insightful conversations with business leaders.


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