Asha Saxena CEO Coaching International with Kurt Wilkin discussing Coaching for High Performance Teams - Let's Go! Podcast Episode 10

Coaching for High-Performance Teams

“Investing in yourself is so critical because the day you stop investing in yourself, your company will start struggling.”



This week on “Let’s Go!,” Kurt Wilkin is joined by Asha Saxena, Partner at CEO Coaching International, for a conversation on the value of coaching and diversity, including its impact on the growth and development of individuals and businesses.

A company will only grow if its leaders are committed to growth. There should be serious investment in the leadership team to improve themselves and they should be open to constant growth and learning, according to Asha.

Leadership teams must invest in themselves by pursuing coaching-based development for their professional growth. The current business landscape lacks the crucial coach mentality, and this leads to a lot of missed opportunities. There is a need for businesses to invest in their people to make sure they are steadily growing in their role.

Women leadership and gender equality in the workplace are important issues that Asha and Kurt also tackled. Asha says that “Women can’t do it alone, we need men and women marching together to make sure that the right people go in the right bus or corporate bus.”

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace must be intentional. The focus on hiring more people who fall into minority categories only because you are told to is not something that helps the cause. Tokenism “demeans the person and the position,” says Asha. However, the conversation should be centered on how the values of diversity can make your team stronger. Diversity brings different thoughts and ideas to the table – that’s when innovation happens.

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