Building a Community of Entrepreneurs with Loren Feldman - HireBetter Let's Go! Podcast Ep.15

Building a Community of Entrepreneurs


“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J. Wheatley


This is not your usual Let’s Go! podcast. Today, Kurt Wilkin talks with Loren Feldman, a distinguished writer and editor who decided to pursue independent podcasting and built a community of entrepreneurs. He left his position as senior editor in Forbes and leaped into creating 21 Hats.

Building a Community of Entrepreneurs

Let’s Go! began as a way to help business leaders and entrepreneurs move their businesses forward in success following the chaos of 2020. It’s a show that features thought leaders and experts in areas many founders and entrepreneurs struggle to master. Formerly known as Survival & Thrival, the Let’s Go! podcast was inspired by the CEO Forums Kurt started at the beginning of the pandemic.

As for 21 Hats, Loren started his podcast just two months before the Covid-19 pandemic began. It began as a podcast following the lives of 7 entrepreneurs, and quickly turned into seven entrepreneurs trying to navigate the business landscape in the midst of a pandemonium.

Loren is a catalyst whose advocacy was to make the lives of entrepreneurs better. He is a whizbang that works with entrepreneurs all over the country. He always has his fingers on the pulse of business through his community of entrepreneurs.

As the Editor-In-Chief and Founder of 21 Hats, a platform for business owners, Loren is doing what he has always dreamed of: bringing entrepreneurs together in a space where they can share their hopes, dreams, and stories of success and failure to inspire others.

Twenty months in, the 21 Hats Podcast is growing stronger than ever. His community of entrepreneurs are still his staple guests and have even become podcast stars in their own right.

Watch Kurt’s interview with Loren as they talk about anything under the sun, from anti-pivot pandemic stories to strategies in increasing one’s business empire during a recession, all courtesy of the entrepreneurs with whom Loren has cultivated a relationship with.

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