Case Study

Better Talent, Better Results: Evolve Capital

Private equity firms face the chronic challenge of identifying and attracting exceptional talent to drive growth, profitability, and a successful exit. Evolve Capital is no exception and managing a portfolio of companies across niche industries, in remote locations, adds extra layers of difficulty. They need a turnkey solution to their talent challenges, and HireBetter has consistently been the answer.

Rather than waiting until the deal was closed, Evolve Capital engaged HireBetter to begin a President search during the due diligence phase of its investment in Biologos, a provider of sterile biological products. HireBetter and Evolve Capital have since partnered to professionalize the company’s sales team.

In addition to Biologos, based in Montgomery, Illinois, the firms have teamed up to leverage talent to drive growth and efficiencies in a variety of industries and geographies, including:

  • Pasco, Washington: Liquid packaging equipment for the craft beer market
  • San Jose, California: Prototyping and small-run production for circuit boards
  • San Diego, California: Specialized decontamination services for the pharma, medical, and high-tech industries

The ability to build successful teams across a variety of niche industries, in locations ranging from urban hubs to rural townships, has made HireBetter invaluable to Evolve Capital. HireBetter has been a partner every step of the way, identifying the talent required to scale, grow, and increase profitability.

“HireBetter nailed it right from the very beginning because they took the time to understand our culture and exactly what we needed. They identified talented people who shortened our time horizons to profitability, across industries and across the country. They have set us up for growth and successful exits.”