Case Study

ERP Implementation: Automation Services Firm

Collaboration With International Process Automation Services Firm

Results Highlights

System Implementation

  • Implemented brand-new, comprehensive ERP and PSA solution
  • Completed the first project within a highly compressed, private equity-paced schedule

Cost Reduction

  • Reduced billable hour cost of the implementation by 33 percent
  • Negotiated a significant reduction in ERP and PSA software licensing and systems integrator fees

Talent Placement

  • Integrated a Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) consultant for support of strategic initiatives including acquisition due dilligence
  • Integrated an assistant controller to support the VP Finance’s focus on implementation

The Situation

In the early months of 2022, the process automation services firm was facing the critical challenge of replacing legacy ERP and PSA software.

Concurrently, the firm was executing an ambitious growth strategy through mergers & acquisitions. These circumstances necessitated a swift transition to a more robust ERP and PSA solution. This transformation was critical to streamlining and accuracy of financial transaction processing and reporting, and optimizing staffing levels.

HireBetter recognized the urgency of the situation and the upcoming challenges within the organization. Together, the firms worked quickly to identify an ERP and PSA solution that would support evolving business processes throughout the firms’ next phases of growth.


Expedited Timeline

The project aggressive timeline was the primary hurdle, with HireBetter accomplishing a traditionally 9-12 month task in just 5 months.

Stakeholder Collaboration

Agreement across client, vendor, and integrator teams was complex and intense but necessary to HireBetter’s success.

Vendor Accountability

The project spanned international business units dealing in multiple currencies, multiple transaction types, foreign banks and taxes. Remote work compounded the challenge of vendor accountability.

Overall Results

HireBetter guided the software selection process by conducting comprehensive analysis of available options and incorporating detailed requirements. After careful scoping, review, and proof of concept of a curated group of ERP and PSA solutions, the automation firm was able to select solutions to aggressively move forward.

Notably, all tasks were completed ahead of schedule and under budget, underscoring HireBetter’s proficiency.

As a result of HireBetter’s ability to provide expertise and support in a variety of roles, what could have been a burdensome and time-consuming business transformation initiative was successfully and quickly completed.