Rethink Recruiting with
HireBetter's Five-Step Employer Plan

Look, we get it. Most of us have been burned by recruiting firms and agencies one way or another (and by the way, we think the recruiting and staffing industry model is fundamentally broken).

But we do it a different – better – way. The HireBetter 5-Step Process, combined with our Placement Guarantee, means you rest easy while we work our talent magic.

Step 1: Consult & Partner

  • You talk, we ask thought-provoking questions. What does success look like to you? In our initial consultation, we’ll define success as we discuss your needs, goals, the structure of your team and the gaps in your team. We also understand your time frame – which can be anywhere from “yesterday” to long-term succession planning.
  • We understand your business objectives first – and we challenge your assumptions – unlike other recruitment firms who throw resumes at you until something sticks, like spaghetti against a wall. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your goals, time frame, and definition of success.

Step 2: Kick-Off & Calibrate

  • Let’s get started! Based on your initial talent consultation, we’ll work in partnership to develop and finalize a customized candidate profile that incorporates position criteria and your expectations for the new hire.
  • We’ll create a talent acquisition search strategy tailored to your role requirements and time frame, so you’ll understand how we plan to identify and recruit top talent to build your ideal team and be successful in your organization.

Step 3: Source, Select, & Engage

  • The hunt is on! Based on everything we now know about your ideal candidate, we begin our search. 
  • We research candidates, looking for compatibility and interest, marketing the position to top executive players. After carefully sourcing, vetting, and recruiting candidates, we present the finalists to you with candidate profiles and summarize why we think each of them is a good match to your organization.
  • Weekly calibration calls ensure we are on track as we source and present candidates – and as things inevitably evolve in your entrepreneurial business.
  • Working together, we facilitate the candidates’ interviews and help you develop your interview strategy. We handle scheduling and logistical details, and follow up with finalists.
  • If we haven’t found “the one?” Rinse and repeat until we identify the best candidate for your team – both in terms of skill set and cultural fit. We don’t give up.

Step 4: Close & Maximize

  • Wait aren’t we done? Not by a long shot, It ain’t over ‘til it’s over! 
  • Other recruiting and staffing companies might hand over the finalist’s resumes and bolt, but we are in it for the long haul – together.
  • During the “Close phase” of the talent acquisition process, we support you all the way. We provide guidance on the offer package and handle candidate negotiations, including the signed offer letter. We’ll even consult with the candidate on a resignation strategy from their previous job to ensure a smooth transition.

Step 5: Follow-Up & Connect

  • We stick with you to ensure this is a win-win outcome.
  • Even after you’ve successfully hired your #1 candidate, there is still much to be done. Your new employee has paperwork to get through, and needs to be properly on-boarded, and learn the ropes.
  • We check in regularly with the candidate and the hiring manager to ensure a smooth transition onto your team. We can help troubleshoot common issues that arise during this phase as well. 
  • We provide these regular check-ins for up to a year.
  • We’ll also continue to offer you insights and connections within a community of peers through forums, events, thought leadership and one-to-one connections.


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