Our Process

Here’s how we connect and empower good people to build great companies through our proven recruitment process.

In this initial 30-minute meeting we take the time to understand your organization. We want to hear from you what your mission, vision and core values are and how you espouse them. We want to know where you are today and what your growth plans are for the next 12 months, 3 years, 5 years, and long-term. We want to understand your needs and strategy to help meet you where you are.

Questions could include the following topics:

  • What is your growth trajectory?
  • What are your pain points as an organization?
  • What are your main goals for the year?

This one-hour conversation is a deep dive into the position for which you are hiring. Our Engagement Director is your brand ambassador in the marketplace and an extension of your brand. This conversation empowers us to truly recruit impactful talent.

Questions could include the following topics:

  • What does the 90-day plan look like and how is that measured in 30 and 60 days?
  • What does success look like for this role 12 months after the person starts?
  • What challenges will the individual be facing?
  • Describe how your core values inform theposition and the responsibilities this role has.

We believe that a deep understanding of your organization and the position includes a customized proposal. When we align in partnership we create pricing and contracts to meet you where you are. Once we have an executed contract we kick off the search and complete a calibration.

We believe that purposeful active listening sets our partnership up for success. During the kick off and calibration call we bring to you candidate profiles we believe mirror everything we have heard and learned thus far. This powerful exercise allows us to truly create the ideal candidate profile, gauge what is truly important to you and build a profile from which we will surgically source.

Engaging As Your 
Talent Partner

What can you expect during a search? As your Strategic Talent Partner, we are working to empower you to create a best-in-class candidate experience. The individual you hire will be the impactful talent you want. The candidates you do not hire will be brand ambassadors for your company in the marketplace as a result of their recruitment experience.

Source (1-4 Weeks)

Using your ideal candidate profile, we will surgically select candidates. This means we find people that fit your profile and are currently doing the job somewhere else and entice them to come work for you. We hold weekly check-ins to ensure we’re on the right track as we source and research candidates.

Select (1 Week)

We present the finalists to you with detailed candidate profiles and describe why we believe each is a good fit for your organization.

Engage (5-8 Weeks)

During this phase, we facilitate candidate interviews and optimize your interview strategy as well as manage scheduling, interview prep, logistical details, and follow-up with finalists.

Close (8-9 Weeks)

When closing the final candidate we provide guidance on the compensation package and manage candidate negotiations, including the offer, references, and background checks as well as consult with the candidate on a resignation strategy to ensure a smooth transition.

Maximize (10+ Weeks)

During this final phase, our team creates candidate profiles, runs assessments, negotiates salary, provides feedback, and alters the process based on lessons learned.

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