Put 2020 in the Rear View Mirror & Hit the Gas

When uncertainty looms, it can feel natural to crawl into your shell and focus only on the here and now. For most middle-market companies, 2020 was a year of doubt, downturn, and hesitation. But from the beginning, we’ve been advising our HireBetter clients to go on offense and use the pandemic as an opportunity for improvement and growth. This year has had its twists and turns—its ups and many, many downs—but the bottom line is that it’s time to turn your attention to the future.

While our “Survival and Thrival” mentality helped guide us through the past several months, we have shifted to a future-focused “Let’s Go!” mantality. The goal here is not to forget the lessons learned in 2020, but to put them to use in our strategic planning for the future. Our good friends at Transcend Executive Group agree:

“Now is not the time to shrink back and avoid strategy. In times of uncertainty it’s best to double down, narrow your scope, and focus in on driving strategic growth.” – Transcend

We could not agree more. The pandemic may have altered your vision of 2020, but what we’re seeing is that companies with steadfast leadership and a strong strategic vision aren’t far from their projections. If these companies can survive through 2020 with strong planning, imagine what they’ll do in 2021 and beyond!

If you haven’t started your one-, three-, and five-year plans in this post-COVID world, now is the time to get started. Let’s Go!

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