Strategic Recruiting

How To Recruit Employees Proactively To Support Business Growth

The pro: Your business is rocking.
The con: You may have more opportunity than you can handle.

When your team is maxed out, you know you need to be recruiting employees...and you also know that these next few critical hires can make all the difference in getting to the next level.

The Usual Suspects

So how do you get there? If you slap a job description together, push it onto the mega job boards, or look around in your network...all you will do is dredge up the usual suspects.

You get flooded with mediocre resumes. Not helpful.

Strategic Recruiting

So set your sights higher!

Talent acquisition is an investment, not an expense. You need a recruiting strategy, not a knee- jerk reaction.

You want someone who could truly transform your company. But stars don’t troll job boards. You just won’t find them in the places you’re searching. You have to know where to look and how to hook ‘em.

The Power of Talent

We find the talent you can’t. 90% of the candidates we place don’t even have a current resume. We reach them right where they are and bring them to you. We know what you’re looking for because we’ve built and sold successful businesses ourselves. We help you build the team to execute your vision, by planning three moves ahead. It’s how we help you unlock success with the power of talent.

Hire smarter. HireBetter.