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Hitting a Home Run with Talent: HomePlate Peanut Butter

HomePlate Peanut Butter’s CEO, Clint Greenleaf, is a successful entrepreneur who previously founded and ultimately sold Greenleaf Book Group. So it might seem a little odd that he then launched a new kind of company with a network of former Major League Baseball players. But peanut butter is a dugout staple, and these founders set out to develop a healthier and tastier version of the amazing spread.

Greenleaf has grown the company from scratch – from conducting initial R&D to create great peanut butter products, to building a brand that is sold in stores nationwide. With strong business acumen, but limited expertise in the consumer packaged goods space, he knew he needed help to build the retail distribution network that would allow the business to become the premier brand he envisioned.

With HireBetter as a partner, HomePlate recognized the need to bring in top-tier expertise in sales and marketing. Soon an experienced and pivotal Director of Sales was building a sales team, expanding the store footprint, and, together with a new Marketing Manager, improving the brand’s exposure on store shelves.

Within six months, HomePlate grew from minimal exposure to end-caps at Central Market and placement in over 1,000 stores.  Their success has continued, and today HomePlate  boasts shelf space at over 3,000 stores nationwide.

HireBetter and HomePlate continue to partner to drive the growth of the company and build a scalable business. Most recently, experienced CPG veteran Kevin Tucker was brought on board as General Manager and subsequently promoted to HomePlate’s President.

Clint Greenleaf

“HireBetter is a real partner for us – they take the time to understand the role, our culture, and our needs. Sometimes that means we’re hiring for a different position than originally planned! They have helped us find and hire A-players who have dramatically added value to the company, and I’m excited to see how we can grow together.”


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